When traveling, sometimes, our guides can establish more personal as local range, because the new rules of conduct establishes the importance of this figure in order to control the proper conduct of excursions in parks. They won't hold us back, but instead they will collaborate with us ....
Local ranger will help tourists to understand the full complexity of Africa and of its culture heritage being rooted in the most genuine traditions. It is also a way for western people like us both to contribute to the economic development of African population, and to make tourists richer with their living concrete experiences.

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Leonardo Mancini

The great passion for animals, photography, off-road and flight, have been an opportunity for Leonardo Mancini to move to Africa in the early 80’s. His journey was not an organized super Tour but one of the most exhilarating experiences in his life one who makes the great outdoors and sizes place and mind. A journey, that gives memorable and stable assets within the consciousness , a real plunge into a million years ago, the deepest Africa.
His experience is an essential requirement of safety in driving off- road vehicles in insidious countries, his good level of knowledge and skills in specific areas of mechanical engineering , the great expertise in searching predators and not meant that his many travels in Eastern and Western Africa , on foot, by jeep, and by plane or helicopter (Leonardo is also a helicopter pilot with numerous qualifications ... R22- R44 - AB47 - AB206 - EC350B3 and hundreds of hours of flight ) have been characterized by the most important guides , who very often have been affected by his great intuition and tenacity in searching wild " predators " and how to cope with unexpected situations .
Leonardo Mancini was born in Italy in 1961 , he has lived in Kenya and Tanzania for 20 years, being directly involved to very successful safari, " guiding tourists " in Uganda , Botswana, Zimbabwe , as well as in Asia and South America , shooting and drawing new specialistic and interesting routes and excursions.
He has focused on watching for the mountain gorillas at the borders of Zaire , Rwanda , Uganda and Congo , on expeditions to the Okawango delta , has followed the " Gr eat Migration " , the moving animals along the tanzanian western corridor too. He has been lurking for days to photograph the "Green Mamba " , one of the most bashful and dangerous snake in the world , showing more exciting images of extraordinary beauty .
In all African Guide Adventure’s safaris Leonardo ensures a high level of security for tourists thanks to his great passion for adventure living every emotion to the limit.
The wonderful thing about Leonardo is that he always remains “within the limits” in order to give accessibility to his routes to a wide target of people wishing to put themselves to the test with courage living unforgettable experiences 24 hours a day. Believe me, you can experience rushes of adrenaline with Leonardo .......... One night after we returned from a night safari in Zimbabwe we set by a big bonfire to warm up and at the end of the conversation he said, " Today I had the greatest satisfaction a guide can ever have .... One of my client, eighty years old, getting from the off-road car after 8 hours of bumps and dust said to me: “ “Today was the best day of my life" . "
It’s for this reason and thanks to his passion and sense of responsibility that he threw himself into his work, trying to transmit to others, unforgettable moments that will remain impressed in the memory of those who want to immerse themselves together with him in the " celebration of wilderness" of primitive life and savagery of the most impenetrable forests . Enjoy your journey ...
Carlo Sacco - freelance journalist