Why should visit Africa ? Africa is not just a country it is a world ... a world of strong emotions and contradictions, the land of amazing landscapes where you can even meet its humble and proud inhabitants. It is the land of struggle for survival, where birth and death are not events but the flow of life. Discovery Africa means many things: stunning landscapes, natural beauty, strong aromas, it means also to deep in the flow of simple daily life and feel as if time stops right under its immense sky. African Guide Adventure wants to show travellers how to discover, enjoy, move and above all dream of a fascinating and uforgettable world. What they aim at is to etch on turists's mind the adventure taking place day by day meanwhile discovering new places. Adventure makes the great outdoor in Africa in contact with pure life and the charming mother of the most dangerous "wild animals" on earth. It has nothing to do with all inclusive african tours with beaten paths and jeep tours shooting Wildlife with a camera. African Guide Adventure is much more than that, it aims to experience the wild and mystery of a real Safari tour engraving it in tourist's memory. Experience a real Safari is possible as based on Leonardo Mancini personal experience and passion. Leonardo is the company founder and the guide on the spot. He approached Africa in the early 80s relying on a great insight and dogged stubbornness. He called "the saga of unimaginable" each Safari he went to. African Guide Adventure organizes real-life safari and as in Swahili the word "safari" means "journey",it refers to more than physical travel it involves eyes, heart and mind. After having spent many years traveling, explorating, living in places like Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda (not only), Leonardo has decided to provide with all his previous experience gained thanks to many years spent in close contact with wild Africa and absolutely in complete safety and reliability for those who want to live a rare adventure like this. African Guide Adventure is looking for old style travelers aware they are about to start an unusual journey, an adventure that will allow them to bring back home not only shots to frame and show off to friends, but a small piece of the vast and impressive African world the magnificent Africa of African Adventure Guide